Terms and Conditions


The Call Manager Service


1.       The Agreement

a.      This agreement starts when the set-up/installation of the customer’s Real Time Call Manager service is completed. 

b.   Kensler will provide you (reference to "you" or "your" mean the CUSTOMER) with one or more of the following services:

                                      - A Sydney DID number (an 02DIRECT number) that can be used to receive calls from anywhere in the world - or
                                      - The ability to register a VOIP number on the Call Manager service in order to receive and terminate calls

                                      - One or more conference spaces 

                                      A voicemail box (ReVmail)

                                      An SMS gateway (ReVsms

b.   Incoming calls can then be routed (assuming there is a prepaid balance or the monthly service fee is paid in advance) to any of the following destinations, but maybe delivered using a different network, service or telephone number:

                                      - Australian Landline
                                      - Australian Mobile Phone
                                      - Overseas Phone Number
                                      - Internal Real Time Call Manager service

                                      ReVmail service

c.       Kensler cannot provide the following features:

                                      - Local number portability (except in some situations - please ask)
                                      - Diversions to premium 1900/1902 numbers, satellite phones

d.       If you decided to change or cancel your service Kensler must be notified as early as possible and at least 15 days in advance.

e.       If you cancel you will need to pay all call costs to the time the service is disabled, any prepaid balance or monthly service fee in advance will not be refunded.

f.       Kensler will attempt to make it's service available to the customer at all times, but there are some factors such as weather and faults in the phone network that may cause the service to become unavailable. 

                                      -Under these unforeseen circumstances Kensler will not be liable for any loss of business or revenue to Kensler’s customer.    
                                      Kensler will do its best to keep service disruption to a minimum but there may be times where system upgrades or maintenance will need to

                                      take place.

                         g.  Contract services will be 12, 24 or 36 months, meaning the full rental charges and any outstanding call or excess charges must be paid for the term

                                      of the contract

2.       Shared service

a.   Real Time Call Manager is a shared service, that is the equipment and network are shared with other customers; it is therefore possible for another customer’s traffic to temporarily use all of the available resources. Kensler will always work to reduce this risk by limiting the resource but there are some areas outside of our control. If a dedicated service is required Kensler can provide this at extra cost.

3.       Liability

a.       To the extent permitted by law we exclude all liability to you or any other person claiming through you, for any costs, loss, expenses, liability or damage.

b.       You must accept all liability and indemnify Kensler from any action that relates to any form of misconduct or illegal operation of the Call Manager service


4.       Termination of Service


a.       Kensler reserves the right to terminate your service with out notice for any of the following reasons :

                                      - You have given Kensler false or misleading information about your self or your company.
                                      - Your service does not comply with Kensler's terms and conditions.
                                      - Your account balance has reached or gone over the credit limit agreed to by Kensler and you the customer.

b.       Kensler is not liable for any cost’s or loss that may be incurred due to the cancellation of your service.

c.       Kensler may also terminate your Call Manager service if your prepaid balance has been zero balance for longer than 60days, or you do not pay your bill within 30 days after the invoice date.

d.       Kensler may terminate your Prepaid Real Time Call Manager service if it is no longer ACTIVE. A service is considered ACTIVE if it has received at least one call in every 180 days and the prepaid balance is positive.


5.       Account payment terms - Payment for your Call Manager service is either:

a. Prepaid in advance

                             -The maximum duration of the call is calculated before a call is placed based on the available balance.

                             - If there is insufficient balance on the account then the call will not go ahead
                             - Call charges are deducted from the balance for each call at the end of each call

b. Postpaid - Invoiced monthly

                             - Invoices will be emailed to the primary contact email addres
                             - Payment must be made within 14 days of an invoice being sent
                             - Monthly service fee is charged in advance and must be paid prior to the service being used
                             - Call  charges are billed in arrears
                             - The customer is responsible for keeping the primary email address accurate  

6.       Call Charging

a.       You agree to pay for any call that has connected to your termination number ( 02DIRECT or Engin VOIP number).

b.       Calls rates as per Kensler’s latest advertised rates - see pricing page on website.

c.       Calls are charged in 30 second increments unless otherwise specified.


7.       Confidentiality   

a.      Kensler will keep all customer information confidential and will not pass any information onto a third party with out your consent.


8.       General

a.      Kensler can change the terms and conditions at any time, including, without limitation, by withdrawing any product or service offering. If we do this and the change is to your detriment, we will let you know either by email, post, phone or placing an advertisement on our website.